Thursday, August 25, 2005

A few weeks before departure

I was informed by my little sister that my old blog wasn't very good. This is try number two.

I thought rather than sending out mass emails, I'd keep a journal of my internship in Mysore India. Mysore is in the south, near Bangalore (see map) People can just check it if they interested. I am going as part of a CanadaCorp project focused on water sustainability. I think. Many of the details of the project are still a bit foggy. All I know to date is to not drink the water, avoid salad greens, and dress conservatively. I've had lots of shots, taken lots of pills, and bought bug spray. I am also in the process of getting a leave of absence from school, notifying the student loan people, and getting my apartment in order so everyone can enjoy 'Hotel Leah' while I am gone.

I am going to Mysore with two other Dalhousie students, one is in planning and the other is in engineering. Hopefully there will be lots of time to travel around and see some of the country. We booked the ticket today via London - current plan is to leave on the 17th of September.