Sunday, October 23, 2005

Off to Suttur tomorrow

Tomorrow we finally get the field work started. We have spent endless hours in discussion preparing to go and getting the project finalized. We leave tomorrow to spent five days and nights in Suttur - we will be staying with the Indian students in the guest house.

From left to right is Yamana, Angus, Ragu, Matt, and Ramya.

It has been finalized that after this week of field work will be our

vacation in Kerala. It is not possible to do another village visit as it is yet another season of holidays - so everyone is happy. I think we will be ready for a little R&R. Angus is not coming with us - he is fulfilling his dreams of travelling up north in search of hte Dalhi Lama I think. There is a possibility that the Japanese students will come along to Kerala - add to the crowd. GuruSwami will be our tourguide - it is his homeland. I think the current plan is to float around the back waters, with a bit of beach time. Sounds good to me. We may also visit the world's best hugger who is in the area.

Things continue be good. Some days are challenging but we work through them. I continue to feel lucky having Angus and Matt here - they've been great support and company. Goin through everything that has happened solo would have been a much more uncomfortable challenge. Working in India has taken some re-adjustment- I think I am definately refining my skills in diplomacy and patience - good things to practise and refine as there was room for improvement. :)


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