Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bedara Pura

I have not been able to post for a while - very limited access to the internet and a hectic schedule.

Our second village was Bedara Pura. Much more poverty than in Suttur. In the community meetings with the lower castes, no one in the room would have gone to school. There is government school so the children can get some education until they are needed in the field.

Bedara Pura was a very bumpy two hour drive away so we had early mornings and returned late at night. Got a little weary but learned some pretty interesting things from the people. We came to depend on one of the young men in the community to help co-ordinate things. We got invited into his house and got served warm sweet milk - risky thing to serve a group of sleep-deprived researchers. Yet again, the people in the community were lovely and welcoming, especially the children. We did some one-on-one interviews and found some very despondent - wanted things to stay the same but with probbing found out that is because they don't think things can ever improve. During the door-to-door interviews, we also got a chance to see more of thier daily rituals - women brushing and braiding hair, cooking, etc. interesting.

<-a picture of the silk worms I saw - silk is a big industry here. The people get paid RS. 100 (3$)per pound of the silk worms - regulating some of the industries would do wonders I think. Anywhoo, within each bundle is a little white grub - they cut one open for me so I could see.


At 9:15 a.m., Blogger Amy said...

I was with you up until the picture of the worms.... :) Very awesome posts, and good to get an update!! Sounds AMAZING--- what a valuable and once-in-a-lifetime expereince leah--- I am so glad that it is so fabulous for you!!!


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