Monday, November 28, 2005

Report writing in the winter time

We have been told it is winter time here. Many people on the streets wearing wollen hats and jackets. We did have to suffer through a cold snap last week, when it wasn't very sunny and the temperature dipped below 24 degrees (I think it hit 21 degrees). I joined the Mysore University Pool for the month and it is totally deserted - on Sunday I was literally the only person there. I was told by the staff that the locals don't swim in the winter. Hard to believe it is winter when you are swimming in the blazing sunshine, surrounded by palm trees. I have no trouble paying Rs.15 (50 cents) for an hour in an 8-lane private pool.

Kinda funny, but lots of people here put cotton balls in their ears to stay warm - it still makes me giggle a bit (how culturally insensitive of me). We keep seeing all these people young and old with cotton in their ears; eventually worked up the nerve to ask someone and had the mystery solved- maybe it works like an inner hat?

We are deep into the reporting writing phase, trying to reconcil three different writing styles and three different points of view with one major report. We will get through it. We have functioned pretty well as a group thus far - really hope it continues to the end as everyones nerves get frazzled. We are holding fast to a final report date of December 12th, then off to the coast. I am still trying to get my ticket changed and am waiting to hear from the travel agent - as time passes, I am thinking it is less and less likely. Life is good when the alternative situation is having to spend christmas on the Atlantic coast with friends and family. Is there christmas music playing in the malls yet? Nothing here, besides the holiday tunes I brought on my mp3 player.

Judy is leaving tomorrow on the morning train - we will be sad to see her go. Her presence made a positive difference with us, giving us more credibility with the faculty and supporting our efforts. Last night we went upscale for a goodbye supper at the swankified summer palace - very beautiful, and very expensive. Supper was serenaded by musicians sitting on a big pillow,one playing a lap drum and the other a sittar. There was a stuffed lion at the base of the huge swooping granite staircase, with a stuffed tiger on the landing. High ornate ceilings, large columns, chandeliers, with a view of the main Mysore Palace from the second floor balcony. One night stay is 140$ US - compared to the beautiful place in Varkala at 6$ CAN.

I can hear the ticking away of the last few weeks, as the time zooms by.


At 11:57 p.m., Blogger Lesley said...

The cotton ball thing is weird!!!

Yup, I have definitely heard christmas music at the mall. And Saint John has put up the chirstmals light decoration thingies on the telephone poles (I assume you know what I mean) and christmas commercails have been going for a little while. Its awesome. However, it hasn't been consistantly cold. I feel like every night I am adding or removing a couple of blankets depending. No one is really wearing winter coats yet....

Enjoy your last couple of weeks!!!

At 10:43 a.m., Blogger vicki said...

More on cotton American friend of mine, who just turned 90, told me about doing this years ago...she was convinced that it prevented ear infections. Since I am prone to ear infections, when it is REALLY cold I will often rip up a kleenex and stuff it in my ears.


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